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Tips To Cure The Halloween Blues

Halloween has come and gone. It was magical while it lasted.
And now the holiday season is ramping up, with frantic families shopping for not only Turkey Day but Christmas presents for December. The Spooky Season seems long out of the rear view mirror.
Some of us love Halloween. For some, our favorite holiday. So seeing all of this 'holiday cheer' may be a complete U-Turn from the spectacular ghosts and goblins hiding in our imaginations and in our hearts. What is one ghoulie to do?
Here are some tips to keep Halloween alive year round, even amongst the madness that is Black Friday and Christmas Crazies.

1. Horror Is Year-Round
   The horror genre lives on, whether it's January, July, Or October. There are new horror movies being released in the theaters, on demand, or just being available for viewing at any time. And that is the movie genre that Halloween thrives on. If you happen to run into a festive horror film like "Thankskilling," "Krampus,…

"NightShadow" Now Streaming Online!

The 2019 vampire anthology based on the legend of the vampire and the classic Bram Stoker novel "Dracula," "NightShadow: A Vampire's Chronicle" is available for streaming on Amazon Instant Video (for rent, purchase, or for free with an Amazon Prime membership), YouTube (for free with ads), or for digital rent or download purchase at Vimeo On Demand.
A film with a vibe of the gothic and classic horror, this collection is for fans of the vampire, of "Dracula" and "Nosferatu" lovers, and for goth enthusiasts. Enjoy and thanks for your support!

"NightShadow" On Vimeo On Demand:

Jekyll Is Everyday...HYDE IS HALLOWEEN! (Happy Halloween 2019)

On Halloween 1931, in what would be a spectacular year for classic horror, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" would open to horrified viewers thanks to the masterful Oscar winning performance of Fredric March. Based on the classic novella from Robert Louis Stevenson, this was one of many adaptations and to this day is one of the great storylines portraying the evil in mens hearts.
The character was brilliantly portrayed by March, and is probably the characters finest hour. An amazing feat, considering the character over the years has been played by John Barrymore, Jack Palance...even Jerry Lewis!
So on this night of nights where we wear our masks, our alter egos, let's remember the landmark story that was immortalized on a year that would live on in horror, thanks to this film and masterpieces like "Frankenstein" and "Dracula." Happy Halloween 2019!

Why HALLOWEEN 1978 Is An Enduring Classic

On October 25th, 1978, a film would continue the tradition of the supernatural movie monster all the while ushering in a new era in horror with the slasher film.
Although "Psycho" did it in much earlier in 1960 and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" showed up in 1974 with it's chainsaw wielding maniac Leatherface, the Halloween franchise was one of the most successful independent (at the time) horror films of all time. The success paved the way for the countless slasher films of The '80's and left the Universal Monsters era into the golden past of movie horror.
I've always considered "Psycho" the granddaddy of the slasher and it's always been fitting that Jamie Lee Curtis was the final girl in Halloween, being the daughter of Janet of "Psycho." I always loved that connection, but putting that aside Jamie Lee Curtis was (and is) a fantastic actress and gave a performance that will stand time.
The character of Doctor L…

"Halloween III: Season Of The Witch" - The Rediscovered Classic

I put off watching the third entry of the HALLOWEEN franchise for a long, long time. It was in its day thrown out like a prodigal son. Knowing that it had nothing to do with Michael Myers or any of the original storyline made it unappealing.
Then one day it came on television. And I just said 'what the hell.' After seeing it, I found it to be an amazing horror film. Like an extended, sinister Twilight Zone episode, it played out beautifully. Lead by the fantastic Tom Atkins, it was a film that stood on its own. Had they called it just SEASON OF THE WITCH, I think the film would be a classic today. Some are already appreciating it as it's own unique horror classic.
Throw out what you know about the original Michael Myers saga. You know...scratch that. You CAN take the saga into account. They've already tampered with that mythos to the point where they've put out a new version erasing ALL that came before it except the first film. The storyline is such a mess when i…

The 15 Second Fright Series On Amazon Video

The spooky season is upon us! And with that there is always Halloween viewing. The 5 Part Series 15 SECOND FRIGHT is now available for streaming for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership!
This 5 part series is a collection of micro short films ranging from ghostly, horrific, and humorous. There's something for every fan of horror and its a fun viewing for the casual fan. And for those kids with short attention spans, it's darn near perfect!
Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!

The Sweet Legacy Of CANDYMAN

27 years ago "Candyman" was released in theaters. Based on the great short story "The Forbidden" from the now legendary Clive Barker horror short story collection THE BOOKS OF BLOOD, "Candyman" ushered in a new era of horror monsters, and was brought to life by horror icon Tony Todd.
Also starring the wonderful Virginia Madsen, the film brought a gritty realism to a fantastical tale and was told with great craftsmanship and talent.
Horror can sometimes act as a guilty pleasure when it's executed without that kind of care and skill. But this film today stands the test of time thanks to the acting abilities of these great actors and the skillful filmmaking of Bernard Rose.
The legacy of this film is so strong, horror's newest voice Jordan Peele plans to remake the film.
I hold reverence to Clive Barker's dark and brilliant imagination with his BOOKS OF BLOOD and it's a testament to those books that this story continues to spark interest.


On October 2nd, 1959 the world was introduced to the fascinating, mind-bending, and all around greatest television shows to have made it to air, "The Twilight Zone."
Created by the weird and wonderful imagination of the legendary Rod Serling, this American anthology show changed the landscape of horror and sci-fi and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for imaginative people who grew up with it.
I watched the syndicated runs religiously and I can honestly say I've never run into a bad episode (though I do have my favorites, as most would). This show now feels like a part of my DNA as I am constantly going back to that imaginative well when it comes to creating and thinking.
There have been revivals (as recent as last year), songs and parodies, even an amazing Disneyland ride (which being Californian I STILL miss), so it's impact is still felt to this day amongst the masses. I can you NOT hum that intro?
Here's to 60 years of other dimensions.…

The Movie And The Man That Changed Horror (51 Years Of Night Of The Living Dead)

On October 1st 1968 the zombie film would be reinvented into a genre that would live on in modern horror thanks to the vision of horror master George A. Romero.
"Night Of The Living Dead" continues to be a Halloween favorite for horror fans around the world. A film that acts as a bridge between the old school horror era and our modern age of gore, it's the rare film that satisfies both sensibilities.
Influential to pretty much all zombie films and shows that came after, this film still holds up as a classic piece of horror, political commentary, and just plain horror goodness.
This film continues to be for me a joy to watch and is a film I have to at least watch in part every Halloween. Long live George A. Romero. And this zombie of a film has already stood the test of time. And will continue as long as horror lives in the arts and entertainment.

"Battle At Big Rock" - A Taste Of Jurassic World!

The fantastic new short film based in the world of Jurassic Park, "Battle At Big Rock," is now streaming for free online! Directed by "Jurassic World" director Colin Trevorrow," the short film has all the excitement, thrills, and feel of the Jurassic Franchise. Enjoy the film and get your fix of dinosaurs before the Netflix animated series next year and the third film in the "Jurassic World" trilogy. It's fantastic to have Colin Trevorrow back in the directors seat, as his style brings that "Jurassic World" feel throughout the film. Not a boring moment and it supplies a few surprises in such a short amount of time. Great stuff...

Kung Fu Grindhouse Now Playing At Ghoulish Grin Films!

Now playing at the Ghoulish Grin Films YouTube channel and the Free Horror Films Playlist, also at the channel, are three 70's Grindhouse Kung Fu films to enjoy for free! If you enjoy that Grindhouse era, here are some fun films to enjoy. Bring Back Grindhouse with Ghoulish Grin Films!

"End Of An Era: Blockbuster" Now Streaming On Amazon!

The fourth part of the END OF AN ERA Series is now streaming for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership (or as a 99 cent rental), at Amazon Instant Video!
Enjoy the nostalgia of '90's video stores with commercials, history, and a few surprises.
Thank you for your support of the END OF AN ERA Series and enjoy this nice slice of a time now gone, ironically because of what you now watch your movies and shows downloads and rentals.

Watch The END OF AN ERA Series On Amazon!

Check out the END OF AN ERA series on Amazon for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership! The series includes: END OF AN ERA Toys R Us, Payless, Mervyns, and just recently added The Extras, which deals with historic California Arby's and Marie Callender's buildings. A great nostalgia trip for classic franchises moving on in this digital age.

99¢ Ghoulish Grin Films Rentals At Vimeo!

Summertime is here! And for your summer viewing check out Ghoulish Grin Films on Vimeo!

You can rent indie horror movies for only 99¢! Titles include "The Frankenstein Legacy," "The JEKYLL/HYDE Anthology," "Curse Of The Revenant: 10th Anniversary Reissue," and the third original feature from director Jess Solis now in consideration for 2019 film festivals, "The Strange Case Of Mr. Cravn." More titles are on the way and will appear on the same link provided. All movies are also available as digital purchases for only $2.99.
Thank you for your support! #SupportIndieFilm #SupportIndieArtists #SupportSmallStreamers

"The Ghoulish Grin Scary Comedy Collection" Streaming At YouTube!

A new collection of horror comedy ranging from the silent era to the modern day, "The Ghoulish Grin Scary Comedy Collection" is now streaming for FREE at the Ghoulish Grin Films YouTube channel! Enjoy a "15 Second Sprint" provided by director Jess Solis, and watch classic horror comedy from the likes of Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. Thank you to all the subscribers and followers at social media. Your support means the world...

"Revenant" Films Streaming At!

The original debut film from director Jess Solis, "Revenant," and the re-edited alternate cut "Curse Of The Revenant" are now BOTH streaming for FREE at! And if you watch them and enjoy them you can purchase digital copies at Vimeo (link also included on the page). Go to the following link to watch both films:

A massive thank you to and for giving both the film versions a place for viewing. I hope you new viewers enjoy this weird and eerie film. Long Live Independent Horror and the Underground Horror Scene!

"15 Second Fright Vol. 4" Now Streaming On Amazon!

The fourth volume of the 15 Second Fright series is now available for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership!
A compilation of 15 second horror short films from 2018 and 2019, this collection is just as fun as the rest of the series. Come on by and enjoy it and thank you for all your support!
And if you feel like it, take a look at the rest of the 15 Second Fright series and other feature length films and documentary shorts from Ghoulish Grin Films!

Check out Volume 1 here for FREE!

END OF AN ERA Extras Streaming Now!

The END OF AN ERA Series from Ghoulish Grin Films has released two extra bonus episodes. Since they are based on businesses still running and more about the long running locations, they are released as free episodes streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. They spotlight the historic Arby's building and Marie Callender's building in Ventura, California. Check them out here and be sure to stream the episodes from the END OF AN ERA series streaming on Amazon Instant Video for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership!

"End Of An Era: Mervyn's" Now Streaming At Amazon!

The third entry into the END OF AN ERA Series from Ghoulish Grin Films is now streaming for free with an Amazon Prime membership. "End Of An Era: Mervyn's" is a heartfelt tribute to the popular discount retail store that became popular in the '80's and '90's. It marks another lost piece of nostalgia previously covered by "End Of An Era: Toys R Us" and "End Of An Era: Payless." Take a trip down memory lane with "End Of An Era: Mervyn's" and check out the other two installments also streaming on Amazon.

"Curse Of The Revenant" Hits 100K Views! (Free Indie Cult Horror)

The 2008 indie cult film "Curse Of The Revenant," re-edited in 2016 as the Alternate Cut, just hit 100,000 views on YouTube! A wonderful milestone, and many thanks to the subscribers, indie horror community, and followers of Ghoulish Grin Films for making this possible. And thanks to the viewers of the popular Free Horror Movies Playlist for watching this and other titles from Ghoulish Grin Films.
If you wish to own this film, you can purchase a DVD copy at Amazon for $10. Thank you again for your continued support! And be sure to check out the original version of this film, simply titled "Revenant," also available on DVD!

Happy 40th Anniversary To PHANTASM

To those that have seen the dark imagination emanating from 1979's "Phantasm," it's lore and images last with the viewer. From the floating metallic sphere released from The Tall Man (played memorably by the horror icon Angus Scrimm) to the chilling halls of the 'funeral parlor,' this film bleeds an imagination that is rarely matched.
As someone who gravitates heavily towards the fantastical side of horror (or as the great Sir Christopher Lee declared, Dark Fantasy), "Phantasm" is a classic that deserves it's place among the masterworks of the surreal, the strange, and the fantastic. Happy 40th "Phantasm!"

"End Of An Era: Payless" Now Streaming On Amazon!

The new documentary short film from Ghoulish Grin Films, "End Of An Era: Payless" is now streaming for free with an Amazon Prime membership.
This documentary short covers the closing of the longstanding discount shoe store Payless ShoeSource. It was indeed a subject I wasn't expecting to document, but with many of these old brick and mortar businesses going away, I felt while they were here I would make something of an emotional farewell. The shoe store was around ever since I was born and it's always sad to see a staple of a past era leave. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Also be sure to check out the first entry of the END OF AN ERA series, "End Of An Era: Toys R Us."

In Grim Celebration (Of Hannibal Lecter)

In 1991, on Valentines Day no less, the Academy Award winning Best Picture "The Silence Of The Lambs" was released. It ushered in a new era in horror and solidified the monster Hannibal 'The Cannibal' Lecter in the halls of horror. The award winning performance by Sir Anthony Hopkins was reprised in the sequel "Hannibal" and the prequel "Red Dragon." He was earlier played by the fantastic Brian Cox in the now celebrated "Manhunter" ("Red Dragon" earlier adaptation) and was played one last time theatrically by Gaspard Ulliel in "Hannibal Rising," to little fanfare. After those later films, the saga was resurrected brilliantly in the television adaptation "Hannibal" and the legendary Dr. Lecter was portrayed with brilliance by Mads Mikkelsen.
Now as we enter another Oscar awards show this upcoming Sunday the 24th, let us remember when horror conquered Academy Awards. We as horror fans never needed the accolad…