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πŸ’€πŸ’€The Age Of Gods And Monsters lives on in the hearts and imaginations of those that wish to keep it alive. Ghoulish Grin Films is a small entity but its heart is on fire with the ghosts of old. It is an entity that cherishes the classics and gives it a modern platform. Long Live Indie Horror! πŸ’€πŸ’€

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"End Of An Era: Blockbuster" Now Streaming On Amazon!

The fourth part of the END OF AN ERA Series is now streaming for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership (or as a 99 cent rental), at Amazon Instant Video!
Enjoy the nostalgia of '90's video stores with commercials, history, and a few surprises.
Thank you for your support of the END OF AN ERA Series and enjoy this nice slice of a time now gone, ironically because of what you now watch your movies and shows downloads and rentals.

Watch The END OF AN ERA Series On Amazon!

Check out the END OF AN ERA series on Amazon for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership! The series includes: END OF AN ERA Toys R Us, Payless, Mervyns, and just recently added The Extras, which deals with historic California Arby's and Marie Callender's buildings. A great nostalgia trip for classic franchises moving on in this digital age.

99¢ Ghoulish Grin Films Rentals At Vimeo!

Summertime is here! And for your summer viewing check out Ghoulish Grin Films on Vimeo!

You can rent indie horror movies for only 99¢! Titles include "The Frankenstein Legacy," "The JEKYLL/HYDE Anthology," "Curse Of The Revenant: 10th Anniversary Reissue," and the third original feature from director Jess Solis now in consideration for 2019 film festivals, "The Strange Case Of Mr. Cravn." More titles are on the way and will appear on the same link provided. All movies are also available as digital purchases for only $2.99.
Thank you for your support! #SupportIndieFilm #SupportIndieArtists #SupportSmallStreamers

"The Ghoulish Grin Scary Comedy Collection" Streaming At YouTube!

A new collection of horror comedy ranging from the silent era to the modern day, "The Ghoulish Grin Scary Comedy Collection" is now streaming for FREE at the Ghoulish Grin Films YouTube channel! Enjoy a "15 Second Sprint" provided by director Jess Solis, and watch classic horror comedy from the likes of Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. Thank you to all the subscribers and followers at social media. Your support means the world...

"Revenant" Films Streaming At!

The original debut film from director Jess Solis, "Revenant," and the re-edited alternate cut "Curse Of The Revenant" are now BOTH streaming for FREE at! And if you watch them and enjoy them you can purchase digital copies at Vimeo (link also included on the page). Go to the following link to watch both films:

A massive thank you to and for giving both the film versions a place for viewing. I hope you new viewers enjoy this weird and eerie film. Long Live Independent Horror and the Underground Horror Scene!

"15 Second Fright Vol. 4" Now Streaming On Amazon!

The fourth volume of the 15 Second Fright series is now available for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership!
A compilation of 15 second horror short films from 2018 and 2019, this collection is just as fun as the rest of the series. Come on by and enjoy it and thank you for all your support!
And if you feel like it, take a look at the rest of the 15 Second Fright series and other feature length films and documentary shorts from Ghoulish Grin Films!

Check out Volume 1 here for FREE!

END OF AN ERA Extras Streaming Now!

The END OF AN ERA Series from Ghoulish Grin Films has released two extra bonus episodes. Since they are based on businesses still running and more about the long running locations, they are released as free episodes streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. They spotlight the historic Arby's building and Marie Callender's building in Ventura, California. Check them out here and be sure to stream the episodes from the END OF AN ERA series streaming on Amazon Instant Video for FREE with an Amazon Prime membership!

"End Of An Era: Mervyn's" Now Streaming At Amazon!

The third entry into the END OF AN ERA Series from Ghoulish Grin Films is now streaming for free with an Amazon Prime membership. "End Of An Era: Mervyn's" is a heartfelt tribute to the popular discount retail store that became popular in the '80's and '90's. It marks another lost piece of nostalgia previously covered by "End Of An Era: Toys R Us" and "End Of An Era: Payless." Take a trip down memory lane with "End Of An Era: Mervyn's" and check out the other two installments also streaming on Amazon.

"Curse Of The Revenant" Hits 100K Views! (Free Indie Cult Horror)

The 2008 indie cult film "Curse Of The Revenant," re-edited in 2016 as the Alternate Cut, just hit 100,000 views on YouTube! A wonderful milestone, and many thanks to the subscribers, indie horror community, and followers of Ghoulish Grin Films for making this possible. And thanks to the viewers of the popular Free Horror Movies Playlist for watching this and other titles from Ghoulish Grin Films.
If you wish to own this film, you can purchase a DVD copy at Amazon for $10. Thank you again for your continued support! And be sure to check out the original version of this film, simply titled "Revenant," also available on DVD!

Happy 40th Anniversary To PHANTASM

To those that have seen the dark imagination emanating from 1979's "Phantasm," it's lore and images last with the viewer. From the floating metallic sphere released from The Tall Man (played memorably by the horror icon Angus Scrimm) to the chilling halls of the 'funeral parlor,' this film bleeds an imagination that is rarely matched.
As someone who gravitates heavily towards the fantastical side of horror (or as the great Sir Christopher Lee declared, Dark Fantasy), "Phantasm" is a classic that deserves it's place among the masterworks of the surreal, the strange, and the fantastic. Happy 40th "Phantasm!"

"End Of An Era: Payless" Now Streaming On Amazon!

The new documentary short film from Ghoulish Grin Films, "End Of An Era: Payless" is now streaming for free with an Amazon Prime membership.
This documentary short covers the closing of the longstanding discount shoe store Payless ShoeSource. It was indeed a subject I wasn't expecting to document, but with many of these old brick and mortar businesses going away, I felt while they were here I would make something of an emotional farewell. The shoe store was around ever since I was born and it's always sad to see a staple of a past era leave. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Also be sure to check out the first entry of the END OF AN ERA series, "End Of An Era: Toys R Us."

In Grim Celebration (Of Hannibal Lecter)

In 1991, on Valentines Day no less, the Academy Award winning Best Picture "The Silence Of The Lambs" was released. It ushered in a new era in horror and solidified the monster Hannibal 'The Cannibal' Lecter in the halls of horror. The award winning performance by Sir Anthony Hopkins was reprised in the sequel "Hannibal" and the prequel "Red Dragon." He was earlier played by the fantastic Brian Cox in the now celebrated "Manhunter" ("Red Dragon" earlier adaptation) and was played one last time theatrically by Gaspard Ulliel in "Hannibal Rising," to little fanfare. After those later films, the saga was resurrected brilliantly in the television adaptation "Hannibal" and the legendary Dr. Lecter was portrayed with brilliance by Mads Mikkelsen.
Now as we enter another Oscar awards show this upcoming Sunday the 24th, let us remember when horror conquered Academy Awards. We as horror fans never needed the accolad…

Our Beloved Horror Icon, ALICE COOPER!!! (Happy Birthday!)

The one and only Alice Cooper is the original pioneer of 'shock rock' and to many of the bands and acts that have followed in his lead, he is STILL the best.
His blend of heavy rock and horror theatrics have been a draw for generations of fans, whether they're into rock or metal. Or into horror movies. Or grand theatrics. He covers it all.
With the passing of many of our beloved horror icons (recently "Creature From The Black Lagoon"s Julie Adams left us), let's be grateful to the stars above that our shock rock king Alice Cooper is not only around, but kicking @$$ to this day! LONG LIVE ALICE COOPER!!!

The Trailblazer Duane Jones (Happy Birthday)

I would believe for any actor, receiving a leading role because you were the best actor in the group gives you great satisfaction. Such was the case for "Night Of The Living Dead" star Duane Jones. The casting itself became groundbreaking and Mr. Jones lived up to the confidence of his director George A. Romero. The release of the first modern Zombie film in the era of post segregation in the late 1960's America made this film one for the ages. An important film with an important performance from Mr. Jones.
Happy birthday Duane Jones and thank you for blazing the trail for others. The film and your performance will live on...

"NightShadow: A Vampire's Chronicle" Now Streaming On Amazon Video!

The classic vampire collection from Ghoulish Grin Films, "NightShadow: A Vampire's Chronicle" is now available for free with an Amazon Prime membership at Amazon Instant Video! It will also be available for rental or purchase.
Based on the classic Bram Stoker novel, "Dracula," this compilation contains short films going as far back as the early age of cinema to the modern day. Also included is an abridged version of "Nosferatu!"
Hopefully this gothic anthology brightens your 2019 and I thank you as always for your support. The mythos of the vampire lives on!

The Devil's Reject: Rob Zombie (Happy Birthday)

A hero to his fans. A controversial figure to haters. Either way, Rob Zombie has made his mark when it comes to music AND movies.
He became a rock icon with his first band White Zombie, the famed band that he founded. He soon left to go out on his own and released the hit albums HELLBILLY DELUXE and THE SINISTER URGE.
Soon after that he started his career as a director, making the cult hits "House Of A 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects."
He would eventually reboot the "Halloween" franchise. This move divided fans and even got him beef with the creator himself, John Carpenter (that was eventually smoothed out).
Whatever you think about the reboot, it was something that needed to happen in order for the film franchise to find it's origins. In my opinion, BOTH films are good and will forever be a part of the history of Michael Myers...for good or bad.
So from a fan, I say happy birthday Mr. Zombie. And thanks for all of the cool stuff you'v…

Ripley's Believe It or Not! 100 Years Of The Bizarre!

The end of 2018 saw a lot of people breathing a sigh of relief. For many it was a year that tested even the best of us. Volatility in the markets. Division and pleas for unity among the people. Plenty of ups and downs.
But with the month of December 2018, the world saw the 100th anniversary of a beloved curiosity, Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Originally focusing on sports feats in December of 1918, Robert Ripley began to focus his newspaper panels on the more strange, bizarre elements in the world.
Freak show exhibits were popular from way back in the 16th century. A time when people were unfortunately treated like oddities but were still fascinating to the 'normal' person. Funny enough, the strange and bizarre are more accepted and people in the modern age flaunt their odd features, whether they were born with them or (more often) created.
With the anniversary of Ripley's Believe It or Not! it was also announced that the television show (which I remember fondly with J…

"Curse Of The Revenant" Available On DVD!

Now available for the first time on physical media, the 2008 cult film "Curse Of The Revenant," re-edited in 2016, is now available on DVD! For those that enjoyed the film on YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, or other indie horror streaming services and wanted a copy to own, it's now available for $10! Buy it now on Amazon Prime!