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The REAL Dark Universe

M. Night Shyamalan's ups and downs have been epic.
With "The Sixth Sense," "Unbreakable," and "Signs," he was prematurely crowned 'The Next Spielberg. After "The Happening" and "The Last Airbender," he was brought back to earth. It seemed with his ego he wouldn't be able to come back from films like "After Earth." But he smartly regrouped and scaled down.
"The Visit" was a great step forward. Then "Split" came. Headed by a BRILLIANT performance from the magnificent James McAvoy, the film was unsettling and a return to form for Shyamalan. What happened at the end credit scene made fans excited again. For this was the beginning of a shared universe.

I was one of the handful of people that was rooting for Universal's 'Dark Universe.' I loved the old Universal Monsters characters and wanted to see a shared universe with my favorites (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, etc.), but the e…

The Triumphant Return Of PREDATOR?

The "Predator" series has had it's ups and downs. To some fans, it's only really had one up. And that's the original classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't really blame them. The sequels haven't lived up to that film. With Arnold being one of my action heroes of the '80's, that original was just another great movie of his. An amazing sci fi horror experience. The second one is very '80's and sometimes that is code for 'cheese,' but I had fun with it. The Alien -vs- Predator series is fun but could've been more.
Now it returns with "Predator" veteran Shane Black. He says it will bring the Predator franchise to that 'event' status it had back in the day. I really hope so. With horror (both mainstream and indie) making great strides at the box office, this could mark the triumphant return. We shall see...

Hail To The King Baby (Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell!)

Thanks to the so called 'fans' either not showing up to watch "Ash Vs The Evil Dead" or just stealing the show and watching it via bootleg, the final chapter of the iconic Ash Williams has come to an end. I figured he was going to call it a day anyway and retire the character, but not so abruptly. But even after all of was a GREAT run.
I've always had a fond love for horror comedies. From the early days of Abbott and Costello to Mel Brooks to the modern classics like "Shaun Of The Dead," they are just so much fun. And I definitely put The Evil Dead Trilogy (or at least the last two installments) up there with the best. And besides the weird and wonderful imagination of Sam Raimi, the other reason for it's success is the weird and wonderful performance of Campbell. It's not that far off to say he's beloved to all of us horror fans. Hail to the King, baby...

"Curse Of The Revenant 10th Anniversary Reissue" - Vimeo On Demand


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of "Curse Of The Revenant," a very small horror debut from director Jess Solis that has gained cult status, Ghoulish Grin Films is rereleasing the film on Vimeo On Demand. This release includes the most popular version of the film (the alternate cut) plus the rarely seen 2008 rough cut. This version was only seen on public access television and was edited with a $20 Circuit City edit board and a VHS player, and was filmed on a Hi8 videocamera with titles created either on paper or within the camera itself. Absolutely NOTHING digital in that version. A great look back at how an idea was realized into a movie. Never give up, people. Thank you for your support.

A Happy Father's Day To The Special Dads!

Hope all the fathers are enjoying their Father's Day and here's to a lifetime of special moments. I hope you keep your loved ones close and make sure you never let them go. Enjoy vacations with them and just create amazing memories. Happy Father's Day!

"Curse Of The Revenant" Hits 70K On YouTube!

Thanks to the wonderful fans, the alternate cut of "Curse Of The Revenant" hit 70,000 + views on YouTube! I'm amazed at how well the indie horror community received the new edit of the film. The original was close to my heart, but understandably it wasn't well received critically or with the viewers. But this more modernized version was, and surpassed all movies and videos from Ghoulish Grin Films. Thank you once again...

"THE NUN" - Expanding The Wan Horror Universe

As some know, I'm a big James Wan fan. I've always gravitated towards older horror films, having grown up with Universal Monsters and later to Hammer Studios. It's why I'm a fan. And I love that James Wan has tapped into the feel of those older films with the "Insidious" and especially "The Conjuring" films. And I also appreciate his versatility within the genre, having debuted with the now classic gore film "Saw." And his versatility in general with mainstream action films. Warner Bros. has wisely made him a staple of their studio.
And now the trailer for "The Nun" drops. Having first met this character in the amazing "The Conjuring 2," she was a character that was more than memorable. She was terrifying.
I've voiced my opinion that the "Annabelle" films weren't up to par with the rest of the Wan Horror Universe. She's a character that I'm fine with in doses. I don't believe she is worthy…