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The Universal Monster That Made Horror Great (1931 "Frankenstein)

Universal Studios released "Dracula" starring Bela Lugosi in February and turned the struggling studios momentum. Because of this, Lugosi was to star as the monster in the film "Frankenstein," a production based on Mary Shelley's legendary modern mythology. Since Lugosi wanted to play Dr. Frankenstein, he passed. The role would be given to an unknown character actor named Boris Karloff. And the rest, as they say, is history.
His transcendent performance, along with an incredible performance from Colin Clive and the brilliant direction from genius James Whale, the film is STILL (in my opinion) the greatest horror movie of all time. Everyone will have a different film (or films) up there in their top horror films. But this masterpiece HAS to be in the conversation.
I saw this film when I was in elementary school. I stayed home sick and my dad went to my local video rental store and grabbed this film upon my request. I probably thought I would quietly fall asleep midway through. But I saw the entire thing. And was riveted. I still am.
Happy anniversary "Frankenstein 1931."


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