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💀💀The Age Of Gods And Monsters lives on in the hearts and imaginations of those that wish to keep it alive. Ghoulish Grin Films is a small entity but its heart is on fire with the ghosts of old. It is an entity that cherishes the classics and gives it a modern platform. Long Live Indie Horror! 💀💀 Welcome to the site...and thank you for your support! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays From Ghoulish Grin Films!

2018 has been a year much like the stock market. A roller coaster ride of ups and downs. But hopefully folks have taken advantage of whatever positives that came around. I certainly tried. I've accepted the ups and downs, much like the years previous, and am ready to take 2019 and turn it into a great year. Another year of growth, another year of learning. Thank you to everyone who supported Ghoulish Grin Films this year and in years past. Ghoulish Grin Films continues to plug away thanks to you. I very much appreciate it and I hope to bring more cool stuff in the coming year. Thanks. Jess.

Bettie Page...Our Dark Angel

Bettie Page was not just a 1950's model who did pin-up work that was (for the time) risqué, and who left the spotlight to move away from that life. She lives on in reimagined art, through the fashion of young women of the rockabilly and burlesque persuasion. She wasn't the biggest name of her day, but it's clear she is now The Queen Of Pinups. She suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and suffering from illness, passed on December 10th. I became aware of her through local shops that sold music, merch, and other paraphernalia. Seeing the images, I figured she was a horror queen. I'm almost certain that she would've fit just fine with the B-Movie cheese of Ed Wood or other schlocky '50's popcorn Drive-In fare. That's how a lot of the art had reimagined her, as a B-Movie queen. And of course there were those pulp comic books that put her in fantastic adventures. But even though she never starred in a classic (or even B-Movie) horror or sci-fi film, she

Before The Superfight, See Godzilla In All His Glory

The classic movie monster may have morphed into other versions not recognizable to hardcore fans (The Dark Universe anyone?), but a giant among classic movie monsters looks to make his triumphant return to the big screen. Having appeared in spots in 2014's "Godzilla" to mostly positive feedback, this upcoming "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters" in 2019 shows a Godzilla in full action against many of his familiar foes. This film will be the precursor to the upcoming "Godzilla -vs- King Kong" and we will more than likely see a Godzilla at full power. How can fans of classic horror not love this? Enjoy a taste of the great 'King Of Monsters'...GODZILLA!