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Cherish The Mighty Metallica While We Have Them (72 SEASONS Review)

 For about 25 years or so, pop music has had a stranglehold on the mainstream. With Korean bands entering the scene, it seems to continue with much strength. Musical trends, so I've been told, go in cycles. This cycle, however, seems to have been unusually long. But I'm too old now to get upset over such things. I've grown to not care so much about what other musical genres take over the mainstream. It was a fools game to even care at all. People are going to like what they like. They aren't wrong about what they like either. Music is subjective. And who am I to deprive anyone of something that gives them joy? Having said that, every now and then during this time of pop dominance a rock or metal album comes out and gets the mainstream spotlight again. And this time it comes from The Might Metallica.  On November 28th of 2022, I woke up to an unexpected music video drop. For a brand new Metallica song called "Lux Aeterna." With no warning or announcement. And s