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πŸ’€πŸ’€The Age Of Gods And Monsters lives on in the hearts and imaginations of those that wish to keep it alive. Ghoulish Grin Films is a small entity but its heart is on fire with the ghosts of old. It is an entity that cherishes the classics and gives it a modern platform. Long Live Indie Horror! πŸ’€πŸ’€ Welcome to the site...and thank you for your support! Enjoy!

Will Houdini Talk To YOU? (Happy Halloween/R.I.P. Houdini)

On Halloween, 1926, the greatest illusionist of his time (or perhaps any time) Harry Houdini passed from this world. But though he performed tricks and sleight of hand that were tricks of the trade and not very supernatural, he in fact DID believe the the afterlife. And once he passed, many wished to contact him from the great beyond. More of a fun parlor trick on Halloween, it was never really successful. But just a chance to talk to such a mysterious figure of magic is worth the try. Happy Halloween to all of you. Enjoy your day and stay safe. And rest in peace, Mr. Houdini.

The Ghost Of Sir Walter Raleigh (Halloween Ghost Stories)

"Think you I fear the shadow of the axe, when I fear not the axe itself? Let us dispatch. At this hour of my ague comes upon me. I would not have my enemies think I quaked from fear. Strike, man, strike!" So said Sir Walter Raleigh, English gentleman and a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I...until he wasn't. A poet, soldier, politician...who inspired the legend of El Dorado from his fudging of his visit to South America, searching for the legendary City Of Gold. On this day he was executed. And some say his ghost still roams the evil darkness of The Bloody Tower Of London. How would YOU feel seeing a glowing apparition holding his severed head? Ahhh, such are the classic tales of Halloween! So if you decide to steal the Crown Jewels of Elizabeth II, beware of the many ghosts, including Sir Walter Raleigh, haunting the living in the black of night!  

The Weeping Woman Returns ("The Curse Of La Llrona")

In 2019, an ancient Mexican folktale that famously scared children into keeping curfew will arrive on the Big Screen. "The Curse Of La Llrona" will be released by James Wan's production company Atomic Monster and from the producers of "The Conjuring" Universe. And what a deserving entry into that wonderfully scary cinematic universe! This tale has been told already on film and told countless times over generations, but this seems to be La Llrona's coming out party. The Mexican 'Boogeywoman,' the legend herself...La Llrona. As a Mexican American myself, I've always been aware of the legend, but was never properly introduced to it. Which isn't all that bad...I was able to conceive of my own version in my head. But she was indeed a great legend and soon the masses will discover the story.  

Halloween Music For The Season! (Ghoulish Grin Music)

Image Check out the four selections of sound effects, music, and variety audio for the Halloween season! And you can use all of it for your own projects, with the collections of sound effects and music being released by Ghoulish Grin Films under Creative Commons. Tis the season for Halloween Music!

End Of An Era: Toys R Us (And The Possible Return?)

A potential revamp is on the horizon. Talk of a return of the toy giant repackaged under the label Geoffrey's Toy Box has made fans of the now out-of-business Toys R Us excited...and former employees a bit miffed. Whether this happens or not...whether it's a big return or a few small corners within other retail stores...will remain to be seen. For now, we approach a holiday season without our beloved Toys R Us. A real life Santa's Workshop, it was a place of wonders. Streaming now is a dedication to that now lost toy store, END OF AN ERA: TOYS R US. Enjoy the memories during this holiday season and let's hold on to hope that we can see Geoffrey (and possibly even KB) return to us and a new generation...

The Best Of The Worst (Happy Birthday Ed Wood)

Ed Wood, born on October 10th 1924, wrote over 80 pulp fiction novels and made a collection of films in horror, science fiction, and comedy. And they're all pretty bad. In The '70's, he was dubbed 'The Worst Director Of All Time' and his 1950's film "Plan 9 From Outer Space" was dubbed 'The Worst Movie Of All Time.' But over the years, movie fans have acknowledged that it's an enjoyable bad. A 'so bad it's good' bad. And what's better than being with friends and enjoying a bad movie? Having done it myself, I can tell you the experience can be greater than enjoying a stuffy Oscar bait pretentious piece. And that's probably why people can accept that. They KNOW it's bad and can have fun not worrying about deep thinking. A fun time at the movies is always worth the time and money. So happy birthday Ed Wood! Sure, you weren't appreciated in your life, but people now enjoy your films in silly ways, mainstream f

The Immortal Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was found delirious and "in great distress" on October 3rd, 1849.  He was incoherent so his death was rumored to be everything from drug abuse to rabies. On October 7th, he passed. Like many great artists, he never got to see what sort of impact he left on the world. He was, in my opinion and to many around the world, one of the worlds finest literary figures. His darkly creative stories and poems have guaranteed that his genius lives on for many generations. And during the month of October, a time for all thinks creepy and weird, he will always be a source of inspiration for us that wish to exorcise our demons through writing, music, film, or whatever creative medium. Thank you, Edgar Allan Poe. Your unfortunate, tragic life was transferred to your art, and we are all the richer for it.