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Carrie On Forever (Happy Birthday Carrie Fisher)

 She was an actress, screenwriter, novelist, advocate. To us Star Wars fans, she is forever the role she unfortunately couldn't shake. Princess Leia. Like any actor or actress that is typecast or shadowed by a signature role, it seemed like she was making peace with the legacy. Unfortunately she passed much too soon.  I skipped the first two Star Wars films in my youth (in my defense I was only 1 when the first one came out and 4 when the second one came out.). I was quickly brought into the fold thanks to my cousins brilliant retelling through roleplaying as kids and the great Kenner toys. Once "Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi" came out I was an excited 7 year older ready to go. This was my first introduction to Carrie Fisher. Disguised as a bounty hunter rescuing her galactic love, Han Solo. Kidnapped and turned 'Slave Leia,' which was impressive for a whole other reason. Then ultimately hero of The Republic with her Jedi brother Luke Skywalker. It was