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My Favorite Ghostbuster (Happy Birthday Dan Aykroyd!)

 Back when I was a kid in the '80's, my family and neighbors invited me to see the first Ghostbusters film. For some reason I decided to stay home. I 100% regretted that decision because when The Ghostbusters franchise blew up and they had the cartoon show and toys I jumped on the Ecto-1 ride immediately.  I became obsessed with the cartoon, had the toys, enjoyed the Hi-C Ecto Cooler (I still love it!), and when the opportunity came to make up for my earlier mistake, caught the film on television. It's still to this day one of the greatest (if not THEE greatest) horror comedies of all time. And I finally went with family to see the sequel. Most people dismiss the film and though I agree it's not as good as the classic original, I have massive nostalgia for it. And it kept my love for all thing Ghostbusters alive to this very day. Among the four original Ghostbusters, I always gravitated towards Ray Stantz played by the brilliant SNL original member Dan Aykroyd. His amus