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Horror Mavens Repairing 'The Worlds Of DC'

Last year, WB released the underwhelming superhero team-up "Justice League" to disappointing box office numbers. A polarized fanbase spoke with their dollars and decided that the former DCEU wasn't worth investing in. As a rare fan of all the DC films, I was definitely disheartened but understood that they rushed a cinematic universe to mixed results, to be kind.
And with Marvel Cinematic Universe practically knocking it out of the park with every release, it seemed like a course correction was expected. But "Justice League" was the course correction that was more of a reactionary decision than a planned out release. It looked bleak.
Then, as this years San Diego ComicCon released two trailers (for the much anticipated "Aquaman" and the surprise trailer for "Shazam!") the DCEU, now dubbed 'Worlds Of DC,' is looking up.
And it seems the secret sauce to this positive reaction is coming from WBs horror masters.
James Wan, the architect…

15 Second Fright Volume 3 Now Streaming At Amazon!

The third volume in the 15 Second Fright series is now available to stream for free with ads or with an Amazon Prime membership! "15 Second Fright Volume 3" stars YouTube's iDubbbz and Filthy Frank and is the most humorous of the three volumes. An entertaining time for horror fans with short attention spans! Thank you, as always, for your support and I hope you enjoy the rest of the Ghoulish Grin Films content on Amazon!

Check out the first installment on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, or on Ghoulish Grin Films Facebook page!

'Scare Diego' At SDCC! (San Diego Comic-Con Reveals)

The 2018 San Diego Comic-Con International has arrived, and before you're bombarded by superheroes, super powers, and galaxies far, far away, the theme for the opening is HORROR!

And a lot of fantastic new projects are on the way.

If you were questioning James Wan's place in horror, you will find his place is more than secure with the majority of the high profile projects coming from Atomic Monster Productions.

Announced was the third installment of the "Annabelle" franchise. Though I am not the biggest fan of the franchise, I'm still glad the James Wan Universe is making profits and continuing the momentum. Also profiled is the upcoming "The Nun," which I'm super excited to see, and a new project based on the old Mexican folk tale La Llorona. I'm very interested in seeing footage of that film.

Shown as a preview for the upcoming "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters" was a teaser with "Stranger Things" actress Millie Bobby Brown.…

Ghoulish Grin Films Welcomes Amazon Prime Day 2018!

Prime Day is BACK! Check out the amazing deals and get yourself a Prime membership to Amazon, the worlds biggest online retailer!

You can watch ALL Ghoulish Grin Films titles (and many others) for FREE with a membership! Plus you can benefit with free shipping and other deals on music, books, and more!
Ghoulish Grin Films continues to add new videos, including short films, documentary shorts, and feature films! Check out the titles and other indie titles with Prime Video!

Friday The 13th - Origins

The history of Friday The 13th started possibly in the middle ages. The superstitions origins are based on stories of the death of Christ and the possibility of that Good Friday being a 13th, with 13 people being present at The Last Supper before that day. And unluckiness is a result of it.
Superstitions are funny that way.
I've never been a believer of that. My father was born on a Friday the 13th so this day is not only something that I reflect on positively, but it's just fun to talk about it in 'spooky' ways. That's the horror fan in me.
So if you believe in bad luck on this day, just relax and don't get too upset. It's all in good fun these days! Have a fun day!
Oh, and P.S., try and stay away from summer camps! 😊

Bringing Children 'Goosebumps!'

I wish I had grown up with "Goosebumps." My brother was a fan, but I was too obsessed with basketball (among other things) in The '90's to have given this series any notice. It's right up my alley. I enjoyed the classics of horror (Shelley, Stoker, Stevenson) but I guess I was a bit too old. But the series is seeing a magnificent resurgence and I couldn't be happier for '90's kids and fans of the Goosebumps franchise.
I thought the first film was fun. It was apparently a mash-up of the 'Greatest Hits' and the characters are fun and have that classic horror vibe. I can say for sure that I'll be there for this new movie.

Are you a Goosebumps Kid?

"Attack Of The Ghouls!" Returns To YouTube!

"Attack Of The Ghouls! A Sci-Fi Tribute" makes its triumphant return to YouTube! Enjoy this film and other Ghoulish Grin Films titles at the Ghoulish Grin Films YouTube channel.
You can also support Ghoulish Grin Films by streaming it at Amazon. It's free with ads or with an Amazon Prime membership! Thanks as always for the support and I thank you for a great 2018! I'm ready to close strong!

The Roswell UFO Incident

Let me just get this out right away. I believe in UFO's. Plain and simple. And I don't think there's anything about the belief in UFO's that is 'crazy.' The term UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Now imagine the incredible stealth fighter flying around in the late 1940's or '50's. How would anyone from that era NOT lose their minds over that? I think a UFO is experimental tech flying around from a Top Secret government facility. That's not hard to believe. Aliens however? That's another thing altogether. And that's what brings life to the imaginations of many when talking about the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident.
On July 7, 1947, there were claims of an extraterrestrial flying saucer crashing to earth, inhabited by alien beings. It is by far the most famous of UFO claims. Roswell, New Mexico has even made it a fun tourist spot. What UFO nut wouldn't want to make a pilgrimage there?
Despite what you believe, I hope you have fun o…

"It: Chapter Two" - The Hype Is Real

When Stephen King's 2017 adaptation of his classic novel "It" came out, it brought a new generation a different version of the 'Losers Club' and the dreaded clown Pennywise. The 1990 miniseries was the version that made Tim Curry a legend and Bill Skarsgard had big clown shoes to fill. And he did, as did the wonderful cast of kids playing the Losers Club.
Now a picture has dropped of the adult Losers Club. The hype is real.
Headed by the magnificent Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, this is as anticipated (if not MORE so) than the 2017 film. It's going to be amazing when that first trailer drops.

Get ready for another round of hype for this follow-up to the wonderful new adaptation. And here's to the success of one of our horror heroes...Stephen King.

A New American Horror Tradition (The Purge)

Once again, the spectacular 4th Of July is upon us. A time for recognizing the freedoms we have and celebrating with family BBQs, fireworks, and street fairs. A wonderful time if you are American.
But I've noticed a grim new American tradition. At least in the movie theaters.
This 4th Of July, like the last, a new Purge movie is being released. "The First Purge." A new franchise that has caught the (fearful) imagination of Americans who see our further separation of the 1% and the 99 and imagine a dystopian America where the rich enjoy protections and the poor are left exposed and with no hope.
This first film will show how it all begins. This should be a treat for all Purge fans. I enjoy the franchise. I personally thought the second film ("Anarchy") is the best of the bunch, but still get excited to go into this strange future.
But after we go into this dark escapism, hopefully we can come out and try to mend this polarization of the nation and look to a mor…