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Happy Holidays From Ghoulish Grin Films!

2018 has been a year much like the stock market. A roller coaster ride of ups and downs. But hopefully folks have taken advantage of whatever positives that came around. I certainly tried. I've accepted the ups and downs, much like the years previous, and am ready to take 2019 and turn it into a great year. Another year of growth, another year of learning.
Thank you to everyone who supported Ghoulish Grin Films this year and in years past. Ghoulish Grin Films continues to plug away thanks to you. I very much appreciate it and I hope to bring more cool stuff in the coming year.

Thanks. Jess.

Bettie Page...Our Dark Angel

Bettie Page was not just a 1950's model who did pin-up work that was (for the time) risqué, and who left the spotlight to move away from that life. She lives on in reimagined art, through the fashion of young women of the rockabilly and burlesque persuasion. She wasn't the biggest name of her day, but it's clear she is now The Queen Of Pinups.
She suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and suffering from illness, passed on December 10th.
I became aware of her through local shops that sold music, merch, and other paraphernalia. Seeing the images, I figured she was a horror queen. I'm almost certain that she would've fit just fine with the B-Movie cheese of Ed Wood or other schlocky '50's popcorn Drive-In fare. That's how a lot of the art had reimagined her, as a B-Movie queen. And of course there were those pulp comic books that put her in fantastic adventures. But even though she never starred in a classic (or even B-Movie) horror or sci-fi film, she is …

Before The Superfight, See Godzilla In All His Glory

The classic movie monster may have morphed into other versions not recognizable to hardcore fans (The Dark Universe anyone?), but a giant among classic movie monsters looks to make his triumphant return to the big screen.
Having appeared in spots in 2014's "Godzilla" to mostly positive feedback, this upcoming "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters" in 2019 shows a Godzilla in full action against many of his familiar foes.
This film will be the precursor to the upcoming "Godzilla -vs- King Kong" and we will more than likely see a Godzilla at full power. How can fans of classic horror not love this? Enjoy a taste of the great 'King Of Monsters'...GODZILLA!

An Ode To Laurie (Happy Birthday Jamie Lee Curtis)

Our Queen of Scream became an icon in 1978. Like her mother before her, Janet Leigh, who became an icon with "Psycho." Like mother like daughter.
"Halloween" became a classic and the great Jamie Lee Curtis made her mark in the history of horror. Laurie Strode fought Michael Myer's slaughter.
In 2018 she returned to the role. A new "Halloween" for the next generation. Her best ever appearance as Laurie. A legend...that's her.

Happy birthday to our Scream Queen Eternal, Jamie Lee Curtis. May she long reign.

The Universal Monster That Made Horror Great (1931 "Frankenstein)

Universal Studios released "Dracula" starring Bela Lugosi in February and turned the struggling studios momentum. Because of this, Lugosi was to star as the monster in the film "Frankenstein," a production based on Mary Shelley's legendary modern mythology. Since Lugosi wanted to play Dr. Frankenstein, he passed. The role would be given to an unknown character actor named Boris Karloff. And the rest, as they say, is history.
His transcendent performance, along with an incredible performance from Colin Clive and the brilliant direction from genius James Whale, the film is STILL (in my opinion) the greatest horror movie of all time. Everyone will have a different film (or films) up there in their top horror films. But this masterpiece HAS to be in the conversation.
I saw this film when I was in elementary school. I stayed home sick and my dad went to my local video rental store and grabbed this film upon my request. I probably thought I would quietly fall asleep…

The Legend And The One Who Made Him Immortal (Vlad Dracula And Bram Stoker)

Vlad Tepes III was born some time in 1431 and lived to be the ruthless leader of Medieval Wallachia, Romania. Known throughout history as 'Vlad The Impaler,' his reign was soaked in the blood of his enemies. Famous murals depict his defeated ones dangling from giant wooden stakes, with Vlad himself feasting in their torturous states.
Surely this couldn't be real! Perhaps an embellishment from his enemies. As we all know history is told by the winners.
But those heinous war crimes lived on, thanks to author Bram Stoker. His immortal tale of the undead vampire Dracula has sparked the dark imaginations of horror fans throughout the ages. And much like Mary Shelley's ageless "Frankenstein," the legend shows no signs of dying. As it is meant to be.
Much like George A. Romero, who popularized the zombie, Bram Stoker didn't invent the vampire. It was a legend for the superstitious. But Stoker is responsible for it's current incarnation.
The legend has seen t…

Will Houdini Talk To YOU? (Happy Halloween/R.I.P. Houdini)

On Halloween, 1926, the greatest illusionist of his time (or perhaps any time) Harry Houdini passed from this world. But though he performed tricks and sleight of hand that were tricks of the trade and not very supernatural, he in fact DID believe the the afterlife. And once he passed, many wished to contact him from the great beyond.
More of a fun parlor trick on Halloween, it was never really successful. But just a chance to talk to such a mysterious figure of magic is worth the try.
Happy Halloween to all of you. Enjoy your day and stay safe. And rest in peace, Mr. Houdini.

The Ghost Of Sir Walter Raleigh (Halloween Ghost Stories)

"Think you I fear the shadow of the axe, when I fear not the axe itself? Let us dispatch. At this hour of my ague comes upon me. I would not have my enemies think I quaked from fear. Strike, man, strike!"

So said Sir Walter Raleigh, English gentleman and a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I...until he wasn't.

A poet, soldier, politician...who inspired the legend of El Dorado from his fudging of his visit to South America, searching for the legendary City Of Gold.

On this day he was executed. And some say his ghost still roams the evil darkness of The Bloody Tower Of London. How would YOU feel seeing a glowing apparition holding his severed head? Ahhh, such are the classic tales of Halloween!

So if you decide to steal the Crown Jewels of Elizabeth II, beware of the many ghosts, including Sir Walter Raleigh, haunting the living in the black of night!

The Weeping Woman Returns ("The Curse Of La Llrona")

In 2019, an ancient Mexican folktale that famously scared children into keeping curfew will arrive on the Big Screen. "The Curse Of La Llrona" will be released by James Wan's production company Atomic Monster and from the producers of "The Conjuring" Universe. And what a deserving entry into that wonderfully scary cinematic universe! This tale has been told already on film and told countless times over generations, but this seems to be La Llrona's coming out party. The Mexican 'Boogeywoman,' the legend herself...La Llrona.
As a Mexican American myself, I've always been aware of the legend, but was never properly introduced to it. Which isn't all that bad...I was able to conceive of my own version in my head. But she was indeed a great legend and soon the masses will discover the story.

Halloween Music For The Season! (Ghoulish Grin Music)


Check out the four selections of sound effects, music, and variety audio for the Halloween season! And you can use all of it for your own projects, with the collections of sound effects and music being released by Ghoulish Grin Films under Creative Commons. Tis the season for Halloween Music!

End Of An Era: Toys R Us (And The Possible Return?)

A potential revamp is on the horizon. Talk of a return of the toy giant repackaged under the label Geoffrey's Toy Box has made fans of the now out-of-business Toys R Us excited...and former employees a bit miffed.
Whether this happens or not...whether it's a big return or a few small corners within other retail stores...will remain to be seen.
For now, we approach a holiday season without our beloved Toys R Us. A real life Santa's Workshop, it was a place of wonders.
Streaming now is a dedication to that now lost toy store, END OF AN ERA: TOYS R US.
Enjoy the memories during this holiday season and let's hold on to hope that we can see Geoffrey (and possibly even KB) return to us and a new generation...

The Best Of The Worst (Happy Birthday Ed Wood)

Ed Wood, born on October 10th 1924, wrote over 80 pulp fiction novels and made a collection of films in horror, science fiction, and comedy. And they're all pretty bad.
In The '70's, he was dubbed 'The Worst Director Of All Time' and his 1950's film "Plan 9 From Outer Space" was dubbed 'The Worst Movie Of All Time.'
But over the years, movie fans have acknowledged that it's an enjoyable bad. A 'so bad it's good' bad. And what's better than being with friends and enjoying a bad movie? Having done it myself, I can tell you the experience can be greater than enjoying a stuffy Oscar bait pretentious piece.
And that's probably why people can accept that. They KNOW it's bad and can have fun not worrying about deep thinking. A fun time at the movies is always worth the time and money.
So happy birthday Ed Wood! Sure, you weren't appreciated in your life, but people now enjoy your films in silly ways, mainstream filmma…

The Immortal Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was found delirious and "in great distress" on October 3rd, 1849.  He was incoherent so his death was rumored to be everything from drug abuse to rabies. On October 7th, he passed.
Like many great artists, he never got to see what sort of impact he left on the world. He was, in my opinion and to many around the world, one of the worlds finest literary figures.
His darkly creative stories and poems have guaranteed that his genius lives on for many generations. And during the month of October, a time for all thinks creepy and weird, he will always be a source of inspiration for us that wish to exorcise our demons through writing, music, film, or whatever creative medium.
Thank you, Edgar Allan Poe. Your unfortunate, tragic life was transferred to your art, and we are all the richer for it.

A Villan Who's Story Transcends (The Legend Of Joker)

From the pages of Batman comics, to Cesar Romero. Jack Nicholson. Heath Ledger. Jared Leto. Mark Hamill.
The Legend Of The Joker is not only stronger than the actor that plays him, but transcends the story itself. The origin can be shrouded in mystery (as many prefer it) or it can be told outside of a particular universe. The Agent Of Chaos is a story told, or not told, for many generations and however it is told it resonates with fans.
The upcoming version has been compared visually with a mixture of Romero and Ledger, yet is bound to be it's own thing. And however the end product is received, we all know the character is strong enough to last it's victories and defeats.
This may be DC Comics finest villain, one that ranks with any villain from any franchise, story, or creation. And we revel in his wanting to 'watch the world burn.' A terrifying thought in real life...a joy  in comic book escapism. Long Live The Joker!

A Tribute To Our Beloved Elvira (Happy Birthday Cassandra Peterson!)

My first time discovering Elvira was as a young boy on television. How can you NOT have a lasting impression after that? It was the night they played "House Of Wax" starring Vincent Price. It was in 3D and you were able to purchase those old blue and red 3D glasses at your local market or liquor store. Ahhhh...those were the days! On Cassandra Peterson's (A.K.A. Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark) birthday, I would love to just appreciate the fact that we have her around. It's a blessing.  Whenever the horror genre and community get too gory and without humor and fun, I will always go back to those icons like Elvira that made me love the genre in the first place. And it's comforting to know there are other fright night hosts besides Elvira that are still doing it, from the legendary Svengoolie to youngsters like Marlena Midnite.  Halloween is a time for fun frights. To enjoy ourselves and not to take horror to the depths of reality. To cherish it as a part of our chil…

The Dark Hero That Strikes Fear (Happy Batman Day)

Created in 1939 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Batman made his first appearance in "Detective Comics #27" and from there skyrocketed into the most popular superhero in the world.
What always made Batman different from his fellow superhero allies was his darkness. Dubbed 'The Dark Knight,' he uses the persona of The Bat to strike fear into criminals. Over time, he took over the title of Worlds Greatest Superhero from the 'Big Blue Boy Scout,' Superman, who was seen as a 'Dudley Do Right' to the modern generation. Batman went out of his way to scare you, and without superpowers, was relatable to the average person.
With superior intellect (commonly referred to as 'The World's Greatest Detective...' sorry Sherlock), superior fighting skills, and sheer will, Batman holds his own against any hero with God-like powers.
I grew up a Superman guy. I still consider myself one, but as a horror fan it's hard to not love the appeal of a vigilante to…

"The Strange Case Of Mr. Cravn" Now Available For Rent, Purchase, Or Streaming

The third feature film from actor/director Jess Solis and the second original release from Ghoulish Grin Films, "The Strange Case Of Mr. Cravn," is now available to stream for free at YouTube, and is available to purchase to keep or rent at Vimeo On Demand.
This third feature took many shapes and names, and ultimately it turned into a tragic science fiction tale that bears similarities with "Curse Of The Revenant" and "At The Gates Of Death," yet is a very different movie experience. Enjoy and thank you as always for your support!

The Lasting Impact Of "Thriller" (Happy Birthday Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson was born on this day in 1958. His legacy in pop music cannot be questioned. But there aren't a lot of folks that will immediately think of him as helping the horror genre through his music. But he did. In a big way.
I grew up witnessing the pop hysteria of Michael Jackson's rise. My dad had bought me a cassette tape of Michael Jackson's "Thriller,"  his blockbuster second solo album. I was already listening to "Off The Wall" as a baby, and "Thriller" pretty much catapulted him to superstardom. 1982 was the rise of the new guard of music heroes.
So with that album release came the epic music video of the title track, released a year later. Music videos were quick and cheap in the day and this film quality, short film length epic took the music video to a new level. It was my first modern horror film. It was my first time being exposed to the legend that was Vincent Price. And it was, no pun intended, thrilling.
I eventually fou…

Halloween Shops, EARLY? You Won't Hear ME Complain!

Usually I walk around the Spirit Halloween shop, looking in the windows and seeing unopened boxes of goodies I have and haven't seen for this upcoming Halloween season. For those youngsters, there was a commercial for an old department store called Mervyns, and the lady outside was flashing her hands saying 'open, open, open...'
Well, that's me. The Halloween Nerd. This holiday has meant the world to me ever since I was a horror loving weirdo kid. It brings back the days of me dressing up and walking down many blocks getting Halloween candy, listening to Halloween records and T.V. specials. This holiday is not a dark, pagan spell upon the masses. It's a time to dress up and have fun. And celebrate that part of our imagination that gets creeped out at the noises in the dark. And most often they aren't anything to be afraid of.
So when I walked past my local Spirit Halloween shop, saw the setup was complete (in AUGUST!), and shoppers rolling around, I was giddy …

The Best Advertising You Can Get - BANNED "Nun" Trailer

A short, VERY short, ad for the upcoming James Wan Universe period horror film "The Nun" came out and due to complaints, was removed. Yes, it was BANNED.
The character of Valac, the demon nun who made a most memorable appearance in James Wan's "The Conjuring 2," is set to have her own feature film to be released on September 7th. And for fans of "The Conjuring" and "Annabelle," the excitement for this release was already high. Being a fan of the classic Universal Monsters era and the Hammer Studios classics, I'm always excited for a film set in a  Gothic castle. I'm there...Day 1.
Now, with this video being removed (whether it was a planned move or accidental) the talk surrounding the release of this film has strengthened to super hype level. Most horror films would be envious of such press.
The horror genre has conquered the mainstream once again and these are just amazing times to be alive. Enjoy it, horror fans...and Happy (Early…

Milestones For The Master Of Suspense (Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock!)

They called him 'The Master Of Suspense.' And boy did he deserve the title.
He's directed Academy Award winning films ("Rebecca"), and Hollywood classics such as "North By Northwest." But he deserves the title for such immortal classics as "Psycho," "Vertigo," "Rear Window," and a film that's celebrating it's 55th Anniversary this year..."The Birds." He also hosted the wonderful "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," one of the great chilling television shows of it's day.
He never won an individual Oscar for directing, but many recognize him as one of the finest film directors to have ever walked the earth.
He compared hitting the audience with suspense as 'playing them like a fiddle."And in that way he was a virtuoso. Happy birthday to the Master Of Suspense...Alfred Hitchcock.

Horror Mavens Repairing 'The Worlds Of DC'

Last year, WB released the underwhelming superhero team-up "Justice League" to disappointing box office numbers. A polarized fanbase spoke with their dollars and decided that the former DCEU wasn't worth investing in. As a rare fan of all the DC films, I was definitely disheartened but understood that they rushed a cinematic universe to mixed results, to be kind.
And with Marvel Cinematic Universe practically knocking it out of the park with every release, it seemed like a course correction was expected. But "Justice League" was the course correction that was more of a reactionary decision than a planned out release. It looked bleak.
Then, as this years San Diego ComicCon released two trailers (for the much anticipated "Aquaman" and the surprise trailer for "Shazam!") the DCEU, now dubbed 'Worlds Of DC,' is looking up.
And it seems the secret sauce to this positive reaction is coming from WBs horror masters.
James Wan, the architect…

15 Second Fright Volume 3 Now Streaming At Amazon!

The third volume in the 15 Second Fright series is now available to stream for free with ads or with an Amazon Prime membership! "15 Second Fright Volume 3" stars YouTube's iDubbbz and Filthy Frank and is the most humorous of the three volumes. An entertaining time for horror fans with short attention spans! Thank you, as always, for your support and I hope you enjoy the rest of the Ghoulish Grin Films content on Amazon!

Check out the first installment on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, or on Ghoulish Grin Films Facebook page!

'Scare Diego' At SDCC! (San Diego Comic-Con Reveals)

The 2018 San Diego Comic-Con International has arrived, and before you're bombarded by superheroes, super powers, and galaxies far, far away, the theme for the opening is HORROR!

And a lot of fantastic new projects are on the way.

If you were questioning James Wan's place in horror, you will find his place is more than secure with the majority of the high profile projects coming from Atomic Monster Productions.

Announced was the third installment of the "Annabelle" franchise. Though I am not the biggest fan of the franchise, I'm still glad the James Wan Universe is making profits and continuing the momentum. Also profiled is the upcoming "The Nun," which I'm super excited to see, and a new project based on the old Mexican folk tale La Llorona. I'm very interested in seeing footage of that film.

Shown as a preview for the upcoming "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters" was a teaser with "Stranger Things" actress Millie Bobby Brown.…