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πŸ’€πŸ’€The Age Of Gods And Monsters lives on in the hearts and imaginations of those that wish to keep it alive. Ghoulish Grin Films is a small entity but its heart is on fire with the ghosts of old. It is an entity that cherishes the classics and gives it a modern platform. Long Live Indie Horror! πŸ’€πŸ’€ Welcome to the site...and thank you for your support! Enjoy!

"At The Gates Of Death" Streaming On!

Thanks to for making "At The Gates Of Death" available to stream for Amazon Prime members, plus being able to stream for free with ads! If you do wish to support Ghoulish Grin Films, however, you can still rent or buy the film, directed by Jess Solis (Curse Of The Revenant). Thank you to all of the great stuff happening with the company from 2015 on. Long Live Indie Horror!

"At The Gates Of Death" Now Available In The UK!

Following the Amazon UK debut of "Curse Of The Revenant" is the sophomore film by Jess Solis..."At The Gates Of Death." A nominee for The Golden Rake Awards For Independent Horror, the film is now available at Once again, a big thank you to Amazon Video Direct for expanding both films for Amazon Prime viewers. And thanks for supporting Ghoulish Grin Films.

"Curse Of The Revenant" Available In The UK!

The debut film of director Jess Solis, "Curse Of The Revenant," is now available at the UK Amazon store! A great thank you to Amazon Video Direct for making this film available to rent or buy and thank you to fans of Ghoulish Grin Films in the UK. I very much appreciate it.

"Curse Of The Revenant: The Alternate Cut" Available On Amazon Prime!

Check out "Curse Of The Revenant: The Alternate Cut" in a couple of ways... Get an Amazon Prime membership and watch for FREE! Watch it for FREE with ads! Or rent/purchase the film to own! Thank you to for making this film available for fans of independent horror!

The Ghoulish Grin Films Instagram Page...Come Visit!

Thank you very much for visiting the Ghoulish Grin Films Instagram Page! I enjoy making promo pics for my projects or just posting pictures I enjoy. I have to thank my old friend Kyle for getting me into Instagram. It's been fun to post for fans, friends, and family...

New 15 Second Horror Film! "The Critic!"

This 15 Second Horror Film is the spawn of a movie review I filmed for the release of "Rings." I ended it with a funny little stinger, but thought it would make a fun little short film. And so, here it is! Please enjoy...and thanks for all of the support last year with the 15 Second Horror Film Contest. I had a blast and would love to participate this year!

Free Download - Video Glitch

This is a stock video I found online and used it for my movie review. I altered the video and added sound to it. Under Creative Commons, it's available for reuse. I thought I'd make an easy download link for everyone. If you need it, please feel free to take it...