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Sometimes There's Just Not Enough Time (Halloween's Come And Gone) #halloween

 Usually (and I know I'm not speaking only for myself) when we get towards the end of summer and we see the start of September, I will hype myself up for Halloween. Super early, I know. But a creepy tune here and there. An old, nostalgic commercial from time to time. And a healthy dose of horror films. And as I write this blog celebrating Halloween (and mourn its ending), I can't help but believe even with that extended amount of hype and festive feelings, the time known as 'spooky season' STILL goes by too quickly.  Sure, we get a bit of an extension with Dia de los Muertos, but once that passes, it's full steam ahead with the Christmas festivities.  And that's good. But spooky season is just...SO MUCH fun! Another year, another Halloween gone. But I had a blast. Going into Spirit Halloween, seeing Halloween  decorations and merchandise in many department stores. Enjoying the festive shorts from many talented creators. And go to HALLOWEEN TREATS! Playl