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Now Is JULY Too Early To Get Hyped For Spooky Season?

 Okay. Hear me out. Right after the 4th Of July festivities, on the 5th a good amount of social media posts were about 'now that THAT is over with, it is officially spooky season time!' Granted, these are the Halloween Year Round people, but considering that Independence Day is the last big holiday before Halloween they MAY HAVE A POINT? Okay...this may be a stretch. The normies are going to consider this overkill. I get it. And there's still great summer activities to be had. I don't hate summer. I love seeing people out and about, enjoying themselves. I love my county fair. It's a good time. But I've always been a fan of Halloween and spook season, and I get the stretch. Anything to get back to that ghoulish delight. So IS July too early to get hyped for spooky season? Maybe. For those who live and breathe spooky? Never! So maybe there's a middle ground... If you on occasion check out this blog you probably are a spooky ghoul. So welcome to you...and to yo