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💀💀The Age Of Gods And Monsters lives on in the hearts and imaginations of those that wish to keep it alive. Ghoulish Grin Films is a small entity but its heart is on fire with the ghosts of old. It is an entity that cherishes the classics and gives it a modern platform. Long Live Indie Horror! 💀💀 Welcome to the site...and thank you for your support! Enjoy!

"End Of An Era: Sears" Now On Prime Video

The sixth episode in the Ghoulish Grin Films END OF AN ERA series, "End Of An Era: Sears," is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Rent it for only 99 Cents or stream it for FREE with an Amazon Prime Membership! Check out the entire video catalog from Ghoulish Grin Films HERE: Check out the other END OF AN ERA episodes on Amazon Prime Video! Thanks for your support!  

A Master Contribution To Horror & Sci Fi (Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg)

Steven Spielberg is arguably the most diverse when it comes to the great modern directors and genres. Give him a film genre, and chances are he will make something great out of it. Whether it's popcorn fare like "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" to period political thrillers like "Munich" or period political dramas like "Lincoln," he has made classic films that will be with us for generations to come. So on his birthday, I want to recognize the great Steven Spielberg and his contributions to the horror and science fiction genres. His first official feature was 1971's "Duel," a terrifying tale of a man being chased by an unseen driver. His third feature (and first theatrical release) was the now widely recognized classic film "Jaws," which kept many folks out of the waters in 1975. And with that film started his legend. He would conquer the popcorn summer flick with films such as "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom," &qu

Merry Friday The 13thmas!

Have a holly, jolly Friday The... Wait...WHAT??? Friday The 13th?!?! NOW? You mean...a day of fun spookiness has entered the holiday of 'kissing under the mistletoe' and 'peace and good will towards men?' THAT day? Friday The 13th?!?! Well! Gives 'Silent Night' a whole new meaning... What's next?!?! National Sobriety Day landing on April 20th??? And with this Friday The 13th a new horror movie is released..."Black Friday." Is this karma for the Fat Man every year slowly squeezing his fluffy bum into Halloween? Who knows. Friday The 13th can be a day of great strangeness. However for me, it's a day of great luck, believe it or not. I will take this day in stride. A great opportunity to return to that Halloween spirit. Make the day delightfully SPOOKY!                                              

"The Rise Of The Walkers" Now Streaming

The long form zombie short film "The Rise Of The Walkers" is now available to stream at Vimeo On Demand and Amazon Instant Video! You can rent or purchase the film at Vimeo On Demand with download capability. At Amazon Instant Video you can watch for free with an Amazon Prime membership and also rent and purchase. Based on zombie short films and edited into a long form story by Ghoulish Grin Films' Jess Solis, it is a bleak look at humanity and its mutation into The Undead. Thank you for your support and have a great holiday season! Check it out on Vimeo On Demand or Amazon Instant Video!

Three Holiday Cheers For The Prince Of Darkness (Happy Birthday Ozzy Osbourne)

When one is getting thrown into the Christmas frenzy of early December, they don't necessarily think of Ozzy Osbourne. I mean...he's the freakin' Prince Of Darkness! But oh! A merry occasion arises as he celebrates his 72nd birthday. My first taste of The Ozzman came from an old live television performance of Black Sabbath's Iron Man. It was also my first taste of Sabbath, and I fell hard for both. He would be a Heavy Metal legend with this over decade long run ALONE. But once he was released by the band (and later replaced by ANOTHER legend in Ronnie James Dio), he formed his solo act. And achieved even greater heights. He is known as a rock madman. His tales of indulgence and rock lunacy are rarely topped. He bit off the heads of bats and doves. He snorted ants in front of rock hedonists  Mötley Crüe.  What makes his birthdays so special is that he should've been dead LONG ago. How can a man have lived this kind of life and still be ticking? A marvel of a m