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Three Holiday Cheers For The Prince Of Darkness (Happy Birthday Ozzy Osbourne)

When one is getting thrown into the Christmas frenzy of early December, they don't necessarily think of Ozzy Osbourne. I mean...he's the freakin' Prince Of Darkness! But oh! A merry occasion arises as he celebrates his 72nd birthday.
My first taste of The Ozzman came from an old live television performance of Black Sabbath's Iron Man. It was also my first taste of Sabbath, and I fell hard for both.
He would be a Heavy Metal legend with this over decade long run ALONE. But once he was released by the band (and later replaced by ANOTHER legend in Ronnie James Dio), he formed his solo act. And achieved even greater heights.
He is known as a rock madman. His tales of indulgence and rock lunacy are rarely topped. He bit off the heads of bats and doves. He snorted ants in front of rock hedonists Mötley Crüe. 
What makes his birthdays so special is that he should've been dead LONG ago. How can a man have lived this kind of life and still be ticking? A marvel of a man. 
Not many days go by where I don't listen to a Black Sabbath or Ozzy track. He (along with the great Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward) created a genre that many of us dark souls can't imagine living without...HEAVY METAL. 
During these merry, festive times, we the metal community want to thank you, O Ozzy, from the bottom of our blackened hearts. Long may you live...




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