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"THE NUN" - Expanding The Wan Horror Universe

As some know, I'm a big James Wan fan. I've always gravitated towards older horror films, having grown up with Universal Monsters and later to Hammer Studios. It's why I'm a fan. And I love that James Wan has tapped into the feel of those older films with the "Insidious" and especially "The Conjuring" films. And I also appreciate his versatility within the genre, having debuted with the now classic gore film "Saw." And his versatility in general with mainstream action films. Warner Bros. has wisely made him a staple of their studio.
And now the trailer for "The Nun" drops. Having first met this character in the amazing "The Conjuring 2," she was a character that was more than memorable. She was terrifying.
I've voiced my opinion that the "Annabelle" films weren't up to par with the rest of the Wan Horror Universe. She's a character that I'm fine with in doses. I don't believe she is worthy of an entire franchise, unlike say a Chucky, who talks and moves around and has hilarious quips.
But I believe "The Nun" is deserving of a movie, since an origin would be quite fascinating. And with my love of horror films in a Gothic setting, this seems to be right up my alley.
So thank you James Wan for your magnificent universe and here's looking at more to come!


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