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A New Age Of Gods & Monsters ("Godzilla Vs. Kong")

 Much like a good chunk of 2020 theatrical releases, the much anticipated monster mash "Godzilla Vs. Kong" was pushed into the new year. And fans had to temper their expectations just a little while longer. 

And so here we are into 2021. And though this was never the ideal rollout for this Hollywood blockbuster in the making, the delay and the overall pent up demand for big screen mega films has actually HELPED what was already a film fans were greatly looking forward to into a frenzy that is boiling over. 

The trailer release is nothing less than a rousing success. What fans were expecting from the meeting of these two titans of movie monster history was met with great action and exciting visuals. Nothing less should be expected for The Two Kings Of Monsters.

Would we have gotten the same amount of fan excitement for this upcoming smash had 2020 not left a giant hole in the normalcy of humanity and were there not a yearning for the days of fresh popcorn, refreshments, a fancy movie theater, and a community of fans all there in a common love of monster movies? It's hard to tell.

The earlier film offerings from King Kong and Godzilla were definitely fun and set the stage for this Super Fight, but it was a big budget film among a sea of big budget films vying for our attention. 

Now...with a bit of an unintended breather, the hype that this film deserves seems to be here. 

I'm SO ready for this. Let them fight indeed...


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