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Happy Anniversary BATMAN '89 (And A Surprise To Come?)

On June 23rd 1989, the world was reintroduced to The Dark Knight.
As a kid, I grew up with the campy Adam West television show "Batman 66." It's still a hoot to watch the show these days. But for many, that was Batman, as well as his Blue Suited version on the Super Friends cartoon show, which I also loved.
So when I went with my family to the movie theaters to see 1989's "Batman," I was thrilled to see a much darker, weirder version of Gotham City. And to see this new, ominous, black suited Batman was...just so cool. With an amazing performance from the legendary Jack Nicholson as The Joker, a new era of Batman mythology was born.
It was a box office blockbuster, the first of it's kind since 1978's "Superman: The Movie." And it was fitting to have the two greatest superheroes have such massive hit films.
I grew up as a Superman guy, but I had to admit that in 1989, the torch was passed. Batman became (and still is to this day) the Top Do…

Happy Fathers Day From Ghoulish Grin Films!

To all of those fathers out there, I hope you have a great Fathers Day.
It's definitely a new world we live in (at least for now), and though the next Fathers Day may present a better world and a more joyous time, I hope you can find some joy in the day...with celebrations with family in a more intimate setting.
Thank you to all of the great fathers out there who have raised great kids who will work towards a better world. Things will get better and here's to those fathers seeing better days ahead. And to those fathers acting as mad scientists creating monstrous kids...well...lets just hope that creation of yours doesn't run into crazy mobs with pitchforks and torches!
From Ghoulish Grin Films, enjoy your Fathers Day.

The Gentleman Of Horror (Happy Birthday Peter Cushing!)

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I knew the great Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin. His icy cool demeanor was noticeable as a kid, though every youngster tends to gravitate towards the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader.
It wasn't until my teen years that I realized the true greatness of Mr. Cushing.
Boris Karloff's legendary turn as "Frankenstein" was immortal, and even at a very young age I understood the greatness of that film. So seeing a remake of it was something I was interested in but thought it would never achieve the classic heights of that Universal Studios masterpiece.
I was wrong.
To this day, I don't shun remakes simply on the strength of "The Curse Of Frankenstein." It didn't copy that original film. In fact, it's a whole new thing. A true horror classic in its own right. And the strength of that film fell on the performance of Victor Frankenstein. Mr. Cushing was truly brilliant in the film.
So it was on to "Horror Of Dracula" a…

The Beginning And End Of The Prequels (Star Wars Anniversary)

On May 19th 1999, I was besides myself as I entered the movie theater. I was about to see the first Star Wars movie in 16 years!
After 1983's "Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi" had closed the pages of the Original Trilogy, I had a few things. A couple of Ewok movies. An Ewok cartoon show, along with a Droids cartoon show (with toys to accompany them). Some great Extended Universe comics and books ("Shadows Of The Empire" being my all time favorite). But not a new film.
I had said before that I literally dreamed of new Star Wars toys during this dry spell. So seeing brand new Star Wars toys in Toys R Us hyped me up to dizzying levels.
I can look back at it all now and really understand how this film could never live up to the hype. The film still isn't as perfect as those original films, but I always felt that "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" aged well and thanks to analysis from Star Wars sages like Dave Filoni, the layers are de…

Will THE DARK UNIVERSE Ever Take Shape?

In 2014, Universal Studios attempted to resurrect it's legendary Universal Monsters and create their own cinematic universe, seeing the success of Marvel and the attempts of other studios, with "Dracula Untold." This origin story of the iconic vampire starred Luke Evans as Dracula. Though it did make money, it wasn't the result that Universal Studios wanted and it was received with mixed criticism.
The connection of "Dracula Untold" to the 2017 reboot of "The Mummy" starring Tom Cruise was ultimately scrapped and "The Mummy" was supposed to usher in The Dark Universe, the new dubbing of it's cinematic universe. The film made more than "Dracula Untold," but unfortunately it cost much more to make, thanks to the star power of Cruise. It lost the studio money and with that...The Dark Universe was dead.
Because of this failure, Universal returned to stand-alone Universal Monsters films. In 2020, the remake of "The Invisib…

Boba Fett Returns! ("The Mandalorian" Season 2 Casting)

I was aware of the extended universe stories (now referred to as Legends) of Boba Fett and how they brought him back from the Sarlacc Pit. "Return Of The Jedi" is my favorite film in the Skywalker Saga and seeing it as a kid back in 1983 I never really wanted (or cared) if Boba Fett lived or died. I thought he was a cool character but I wasn't as obsessed with him as certain other fanboys were.
The same thing ended up happening to Darth Maul. I originally thought that bringing him back from the dead was absolutely ridiculous, but now having seen his character give purpose to the overall story arc of The Clone Wars I have come to respect the decision and I now think it was a great call.
So thanks to The Hollywood Reporter who broke the news the characters demise from the original trilogy now has brought Boba Fett back to the Star Wars Universe...and is now officially canon. He did survive and will now serve his purpose in the upcoming season of "The Mandalorian,&quo…

Revenge Of The Fifth! (Happy Cinco De Mayo!)

Attention Rebel Scum!
You had your fun with your silly Star Wars Day! May The 4th Be With You? I think NOT!
Declare your allegiance to The First Order or prepare to be terminated!
By order of our Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, you are ORDERED to dismiss with all Rebel alliances and hokey Jedi religions and bow to us!
Order must be preserved! Join our Stormtrooper legion or DIE!